Rusty Bucket - Rookwood

Okay – I love hanging out in Rookwood just as much as the next person but damn…isn’t there any other places to eat around those parts? The husband had to search and search for a place to park! Thank God that chivalry isn’t dead and he dropped me off, in front. I knew I kept him around for a reason.

We met some friends at Rusty Bucket – we’ve been there a couple of times before. Our friends were newbies.

I like the atmosphere - it’s casual and I like that they have a simple menu. Believe me when I say that I hate it when the menu is like a book! When I’m faced with too many choices, I end up not wanting anything!

After the husband, finally made it back from Bam Bam 5 (I think he had to take a tram back to the restaurant), I felt compelled to order a margarita!

Rusty Bucket Margarita

Again…I apologize for the pictures. This is post- camera explosion and pre- new camera arrival. This is, officially, my last blog that will have cell phone pics! Please sing a hymn of Hallelujah here.

It was a really damn good margarita – I think it was the Cazadores and Gran Marnier (which I am a total sucker for – ask my husband about our cruise experience some time) one. I *might* have wanted about 4, but I settled for 1. Since I’m a responsible adult and everything <–yes, I know. Boring.

I know, I know – everyone probably thinks that I ordered the Fried Pickles as an appetizer. I did NOT! I only do fried pickle chips, NOT spears. Once they’re so bulky, they lose something. So, we went with…guess what? Nachos!

Rusty Bucket Nachos

Okay – they took about 45 seconds, to be devoured. What does that tell you? They were awesome! They were missing one thing…wait for it…guacamole! But, I asked for it and our fabulous server brought it. All is well, in nacho world, again. ;)

Rundown of what we ordered…

Bestie Girl – Pesto Chicken Pasta

Rusty Bucket Pasta

Oh, my girl – always gets the pasta. She’s as predictable as my fried pickles and fish tacos! She loved it – this, I know because little miss skinny thing, ate almost the whole damn thing!

Bestie Boy – Ribs, full rack

Rusty Bucket Ribs

We are ALL going to make fabulous old people – you know why? We are so set in our ways.

I believe all the ribs disappeared – and he was quiet = good food!

The husband – Tavern Steak and Ale

Rusty Bucket Steak

Yep, my man, loves his red meat. Such a guy.

It too, flew off the plate – and he kept making slight grunting approval noises. Beef is good.

Me – Parmesan Crusted Tilapia

Rusty Bucket Fish

It was really frickin’ good. And, I don’t say that, lightly, about fish! The outside was crispy but the inside was perfectly cooked – not tough or overdone, in any way! The sauce, that was on there, was killer. (my only complaint would be that there should be MORE – but, again, I’m a saucy girl) The green beans, although, appearing to be simple, had fabulous seasoning, were cooked to the point that they were soft but not flimsy and maybe had some bacon lurking? Again, being the foodie girl, that I am, I was TRYING to look for something wrong with it and I just couldn’t!

The bad thing about eating all of your food is NO DESSERT! :(

We ALL agreed that we would definitely be back. Service was fabulous. Food was delicious. With our besties. Perfect night.

Oh and I’m sad to say that the bestie girl and I might have lost, all but 1 round, of Euchre that night. :( Stupid boys.

The Ravenous Princess | November 30, 2012