Rusty Bucket Puts A New Spin On Kids Eat Free

If you’re looking for a restaurant with a cool name, Rusty Bucket Restaurant and Tavern has your name written all over it. This fun local restaurant located at 1130 W. 86th Street offers a wide menu of food options. The highlights include the pizza, as well as the extensive beer and cocktail listings. What sets Rusty Bucket apart from other restaurants for parents, however, is their unique kids rewards system.

Rusty Bucket encourages kids to read by offering up FREE kids meals as a reward for cracking open books. In order to participate in the Bucketeer Bookworks program, just pick up a book tracker at the restaurant. After every five books, Rusty Bucket will give your child a FREE meal. This program not only saves your family money, but it also gives your child an extra incentive to read.

However, the kids don’t need to have all the fun. If the kids are going to get a reward for doing their reading homework this year, our adult Cheapsters should get to cash in, too. So, we’re encouraging some audience participation here. Leave a comment on this post with your favorite book you’ve ever read. We will randomly select one comment next Friday to receive a $25 gift card to Rusty Bucket. So kids, get to reading. And adults, get to commenting. And everyone meet up afterward at Rusty Bucket.

Kevin Indianapolis on the Cheap | August 23, 2013