Awesome Associate 
of the month
Molly Becker
Headshot of Molly Becker standing outside of her Rusty Bucket location

 What is your Bucket story (when did you start, what positions have you held, how did you hear about us)?

Heard about the Rusty Bucket through my brother Ryan Decker who worked at the Rookwood location. He directed me towards the Rusty Bucket when the former restaurant I was working at shut down. I started as a host in early December of 2016. Since then I have worked pantry and served. Now I serve and supervise on the weekends and look forward to becoming a bartender this August!

Favorite Part of Bucket Life and why?

I love the family aspect and how we have all grown so close. I also appreciate my relationships with the managing staff. Knowing I can come to them with any questions or concerns is very cool.

What are your goals?

Bartending here in August! I’m hoping one day to also open my own yoga studio! Yoga has been a passion of mine for quite some time and I have my teaching certification. I teach at a studio in my free time.

 Who has played a major part in your Bucket success and why?

While I have learned so much from all the different people who I have worked with here over the last couple of years, Matt Choate and Ryan Cantner have been great coaches and friends, in modeling me into the employee I am today!

Give an example where we/you made “Yes the answer?”

Recently had a table who had a bone in their Chicken and Noodles. Made it up to them by replacing it with Chili and the guest loved it! They asked if they could have some extra to-go, and we made the answer yes at no cost to them. 

 Do you have any family and/or friends that have joined the Bucket too?

Yes! My brother Ryan has worked at the Rookwood location, as well as Alberto Alvarado who I worked with previously and brought to the team in January of 2017.

What is your favorite “must-have” menu item?

Tuna Wrap or the Baja Fish Tacos!


If we could pick anywhere to open our next Bucket, where should we do it?

Toronto or Pittsburgh!