Sip two new bourbons created exclusively for Rusty Bucket!

Woodford Reserve Personal Selection Gary’s Blend No. 14

This 14th exclusive bourbon blend is a full-bodied barrel, full of caramel, vanilla, dark chocolate, and hints of baking spice.

Old Forester Single Barrel

To carefully select the Old Forester Single Barrel, Gary and team traveled to Kentucky in fall 2018. They tasted from three different barrels of Old Forester, each with a distinctive character to make their final selection.

While Old Forester has the same grain combination as Woodford Reserve, the grain is sourced from different farms, Old Forester is distilled in 100% column stills, and Old Forester's yeast strain is a historic strain which differs from Woodford. Finally, the Old Forester spirit enters the barrel at a different proof, and the barrels which age Old Forester are uniquely crafted to provide a different flavor experience.

Brown-Forman is proud to be the only distilled spirits company to own their very own cooperage and is able to make 100% of their barrels themselves. Brown-Forman is able to carefully handcraft the vehicle which creates 100% of a bourbon's color and 60% of it's flavor.