Join Us For A Unique Cask Tapping with Four String Brewing Co.!

Rusty Bucket Clintonville – Wednesday, 11/1 6pm

OMG! It’s our new IPA. Rusty Bucket Pineapple IPA brewed in partnership with Four String Brewery. 

Available at Rusty Bucket Clintonville for a Very Limited Time! 

Happy Hour Special will be extended until 7pm for the event only. 


In World War II era, England workers actually drank on the job, even while manufacturing weapons! Workers were allotted two drinking periods or “sessions” of 4 hours each workday. Since work still had to be done, the ‘sessions’ called for a lighter beer than everyday IPA, stout or porter. Lighter styles allowed workers to drink more beer for refreshment without getting too intoxicated. The fact that this law remained in place until 1988 is astounding, yet explains why many Session beers today are still British styles.

American craft brewers have been famous for taking traditional continental and British style beers and punching them up with more alcohol, hop bitterness and hop aroma. The pendulum swings, and recently there has been an interesting modification to this approach, specifically with IPA. American IPA can be as strong as 7-8% ABV. Craft brewers have begun brewing aggressively aromatic beers, with a firm hop balance that are much lower in alcohol content. American Session IPA is usually below 5% ABV and occasionally down into the high 3% range! The result is a beer that is very flavorful, but can be consumed responsibly in some quantity. 


The teams from Rusty Bucket and Four String worked together to develop a beer that is very flavorful, loaded with hops and still low in alcohol. Our collaboration IPA is squarely in the Session IPA style with one special twist. We have added natural pineapple to the secondary fermentation.


Pineapple Session IPA


A clean and fruity Session IPA loaded with citrus and pine flavored American hops and finished with natural pineapple. 

4.2% ABV

35 IBU