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December 10th 2015 By: Rusty Bucket President Gary Callicoat The Bucket Life

Giving Buckets of Thanks

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On Thanksgiving morning, more than 50 Rusty Bucket associates and their family members gathered at the Salvation Army in Worthington to serve those in need. Over 300 people were provided with a hot meal and the warmth of genuine hospitality.

This year's Rusty Bucket Thanksgiving day of service was a huge success! This day wouldn't have been possible without the many associates and family members who volunteered their time to help serve those in need, as well as our many partners in business who very generously donated their products. We are thankful for our team and for the opportunity to show the community what Bucket Life is truly about!
- Gary Callicoat, President
The Rusty Bucket Team is extremely thankful to have been granted this opportunity over the last six years. We wish everyone a safe and happy holiday season!
- Gary Callicoat, President

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