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November 11th 2015 By: Gary Callicoat- President The Bucket Life

Columbus Clippers. Our Team. Our Town!

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Over the past several years, the Rusty Bucket has been a proud sponsor of a Columbus gem- The Columbus Clippers Minor League Baseball Team! Each Saturday during the summer, Pickle heads out to Huntington Park to mingle with Clippers fans, resulting in high-fives and hugs to both kids and adults alike. To celebrate near the end of the season, we love to get out into the game, head out on their beautiful field and throw that exciting first pitch. This year, our founder, Gary, and his daughter, Bella, were recipients of the unique honor! The Rusty Bucket would like to thank the Clippers organization for their continuous support throughout the season and for hosting our team over the years!

The partnership we've forged with the Columbus Clippers is very special to our brand. We enjoy the opportunity Pickle receives to go out into our community during the summer months and interact with families and children!
- Gary Callicoat, President

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