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Raw & Rusty

March 8th 2016 By: Angie Everett Great Drinks

Raising The Bar

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Have you ever wondered what it takes to become a Rusty Bucket Bartender? Our certified mixologists are trained as rigorously as our chefs. They know their beers and wines, when to shake or stir, and how to store and pour. From our certified BarSmarts program and Bartender Hospitality to general mixology and pouring the perfect draft, our training program is centered around these four main pillars of service.

BarSmarts is a one of a kind Bartender education and certification program sponsored by Pernod Ricard USA and developed in collaboration with the world’s most celebrated cocktail experts. It is the most innovative spirits, mixology, service training and certification program available today.

We currently have about 1,500 establishments, big and small, that utilize the online BarSmarts program as a staff training tool.I always point to Rusty Bucket as our biggest success story when it comes to integration of the online program. Rusty Bucket is our top performing participating company and has the highest number of participants as well as graduates!
- Pernod Ricard USA, BarSmarts
What sets our cocktail program apart is our commitment to the use of fresh citrus juices & ingredients. We know drinks with fresh juices taste brighter, cleaner, and are infinitely more appealing. Higher quality ingredients require more care.
- Angie Everett, Director of Training

Our draft beers are carefully selected to offer a range of styles combining the domestic, import, and craft categories. What makes the Rusty Bucket so unique is the care we take in the handling of beer all the way from the barrel to the glass. Our Bartenders are trained on how to correctly pour with the perfect head to release the aromatics of our beers. Each step is part of our commitment to deliver the Perfect Draft.

Whether you are making a stop on the way home, waiting for a table in the dining room, or planning to stay and watch the game, our Bartenders will provide the best experience possible with confidence in our entire beverage program, knowledge about our offerings, and engaging in genuine hospitality!

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